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Did “It Work?”

1/3/16 – 1/17/16

Well, our 2 weeks is up and it’s time for results…

Remember we trialed the “It Works” exfoliating peel. We used this product two times a week, for two weeks, on Mermaid’s largest nevus area beneath her arm. During this time we stopped all other treatments; including lotions and soaps.


Mermaid’s disease thickens, in time it is almost inevitable that it will become warty to the point that we will not be able to manage it with home care and that’s when surgery comes into play, if she chooses, or if it effects her joints on her hands. Over time you can see below that it begins to thicken. Even with moisturizers, this will happen. My hope with the exfoliating peel was that we could flatten the thicker areas and help prevent some of her “picking” and itching. Hydration is the most important factor in lessening the itch but the thicker it becomes the more painful it becomes.

Here’s where we started….

Day 1.


and ended….

I am happy to share that yes, the exfoliating peel did just what it was suppose too.

Day 14.

2016-01-24 10.22.41

Let’s take a closer look side by side…



To be honest I took NO pictures along the way and paid little attention to the effects aside form making sure Mermaid was not having any kind of negative reaction to the product. I am so pleasantly surprised to see the side by side this morning.

Mermaid’s skin is flatter and currently, is not scaling.

I would have to deem this trial a huge success!

As a loyal customer we paid $36.00 for this product ($60 retail) which seems to be on the higher end of most products we try, with the exception of the WartPEEL ($80) but it lasts. I too, used the product all 4 times Mermaid did on a patch of eczema (wish I took pictures) and we have well over 3/4 of a bottle left. If your weighing out the cost, I expect this product to easily last us 3 months for 2 people.

I will move this trial to our permanent page so you can easily locate it if looking for something to try.

Product Highlights

  • The Exfoliating Peel uses microbeads to quicken the process of skin turn over. By rubbing these microbeads on the skin you’re helping to exfoliate and rid the body of old skin cells, allowing the new skin cells to surface faster than they would naturally.
  • These microbeads are encapsulated with aloe, a super healing nutrient for the skin. The process of exfoliation can sometimes cause irritation, but the presence of aloe helps to avoid that. Aloe is a natural anti-inflammatory. As the microbeads are rubbed around, aloe is released to sooth, calm, and hydrate the skin.
  • There are NO HARSH CHEMICALS! The contents of the Exfoliating Peel are derived from fruit and are botanically based active ingredients.
  • The peel takes it all off revealing healthier skin and a more natural healthier you!

If you are interested in purchasing or just looking at any It Works products feel free to contact either friend of mine who will guide you through the uses and any information you could ever imagine wanting.

April Backwell



or visit her website at:



Alicia Richardson



or visit her website at:


Thanks for walking with us today,

Mermaid’s Mommy

Back to the drawing board…


We have been so constant about using our One with nature dead sea-salt soap that we haven’t tried anything new lately. I am so excited that our local New Seasons carries the soap as a staple so it’s always there for us but I think it’s time to mix it up again. The pigment has begun to darken on Mermaid’s arm and it seems to be thickening, it may be cyclic so we will note this. Perhaps it environmental as well, we have hit the dog days of summer her in the Pacific NW and are regularly in the 90’s so perhaps the weather plays a role. We will go ahead and try something new for a few weeks to see if it makes a difference.

As we continue our path to find just the right product we go back to a Dermatologist recommended product. Amlactin makes multiple different products and we have previously tested several others. This time around we are going to give the Amlactin Alpha-hydroxy therapy moisturizing body lotion a whirl. Below is the description of the product from Amlactin’s website.


“AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion has a special formula with clinically proven 12% lactic acid that’s pH balanced for the skin. Don’t let the word “acid” concern you. Especially since lactic acid is a naturally occurring humectant for the skin with a certain affinity for water molecules to help keep skin hydrated. And the more moisture that can be retained deep within the skin, the softer and smoother your skin feels. In addition, by encouraging natural skin cell renewal through exfoliation and delivering intense hydration deep within the skin, this lotion creates a soft, smooth texture.”

We will give this product a 2 week trial, running Monday 8/17- Monday 8/31.

Monday 8/17/2015:


Stay posted for results and please, as always, let me know if you have a specific product you want to share results about or see us try!

Thanks for walking with us today,

Mermaid’s Mommy

Dermatologist recommended

Next up on our menu of trials was Amlactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream. We have used Amlactin in the past when Mermaid was first diagnosed, but not this specific line. We were given this product by Mermaid’s dermatologist who strongly supported it.


Below is the information provided by the product’s website.

  • The #1 moisturizer brand recommended by dermatologists for rough, dry skin1
  • Restores lost moisture and softens severely dry skin—apply twice daily for best results
  • Works to exfoliate dead skin cells—returns dry skin to its natural, healthy state and improves overall appearance
  • With rich humectants and creamy emollients—delivers the kind of smooth skin texture you’ll love
  • AmLactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream is specifically formulated for severely, persistently dry skin areas needing extra attention. With our patented ULTRAPLEX formula, this clinically proven cream gently exfoliates and intensely hydrates for long-lasting moisture and serious relief.
  • AmLactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream provides triple action alpha-hydroxy therapy. Simply put, alpha-hydroxy therapy combined with rich humectants and creamy emollients creates a cream for dry skin that not only repairs but also softens.


2015-05-27 20.10.33

Throughout our trial I noticed no change in either appearance or physical irritation. In fact, during this time the thickness of the nevus on Mermaid’s hand increased. No corolation to the product, simple coincidence, and once again, she declined to let me photograph it. However, there was also an increase in dryness beneathe her arm and slight thickening.


2015-06-15 21.18.32

It’s note worthy that the Oregon weather has been warmer than usual so it’s more difficult to hydrate at this time. If Mermaid had it her way she would be living in the pool day and night. That being said we probably wont choose to add this product to our bag of wonders because it was applied multiple times a day, difficult to remember at times and didn’t seem to mesh with Mermaid’s skin type, but that doesnt mean it wont work for you! We are all different so your skin may take to it very well.

I am REALLY excited about our next product we are going to try.

2015-05-22 19.23.42

Another local Oregon business so generously sent us this to give a whirl on our journey. Thank you Wild Carrot Herbals!

DON’T FORGET… I want to hear what you have tried, are trying or stepped away from.

Stay tuned!

Thanks for walking with us today,

Mermaid’s Mommy

Liquid Gold

The result’s are in! In our attempt to find that miracle cure for an incurable disease we are running 2 week trials of various products and documenting results.

On an average of 4 times a week I catch Mermaid picking at her hand or asking me to get the owie off her arm and more recently has been picking and whimpering about her armpit. To reduce that by even one day would be a success for our trial.

First up is Camamu’s “Liquid Gold”

Camamu is a local company located here in Portland, Or and I was lucky enough to get blessings from the owner to try and share results of their product.

2015-05-12 15.35.16

Day 1 : 5/13/15

2015-05-16 13.56.11

We used the Liquid Gold every other day on our regular bath schedule. She is very protective of her hand and would not let me photograph it on this day.

After one week of use I noticed Mermaid was “picking” less. She asked for her “special soap” at every bath session. I 100% believe that after 2 weeks of use, the Liquid Gold added hydration to her skin and lessened the agigation to a certain extent. Her hand seemed far less of a worry to her and to me, that’s improvement. The lighting in the first photo is not that great but you also tell that a very prominent red, raw spot is cleared up.

Day 14: 5/27/15

2015-05-27 20.10.33~2

Unfortunately, and related to the product in no way, shape or form, Mermaid developed a new line of nevus down her arm during this time.

Where we may not have found the miracle for an incurable disease (darn it), we did find a quality product I would reccommend to anyone looking for something new to help hydrate. We will keep a bar as a staple as Mommy became a fan herself.

To check out more products by this company or give the Liquid Gold a test run, visit their website at http://www.camamusoap.com

I will archive these results on my “Got any secret solution’s?” page so we can look back at everything tried.

Next up on our list is Amlactin ultra – given to us by Mermaid’s dermatologist.

Be watching for results!

Thanks for walking with us today,

Mermaid’s Mommy