Liquid Gold

The result’s are in! In our attempt to find that miracle cure for an incurable disease we are running 2 week trials of various products and documenting results.

On an average of 4 times a week I catch Mermaid picking at her hand or asking me to get the owie off her arm and more recently has been picking and whimpering about her armpit. To reduce that by even one day would be a success for our trial.

First up is Camamu’s “Liquid Gold”

Camamu is a local company located here in Portland, Or and I was lucky enough to get blessings from the owner to try and share results of their product.

2015-05-12 15.35.16

Day 1 : 5/13/15

2015-05-16 13.56.11

We used the Liquid Gold every other day on our regular bath schedule. She is very protective of her hand and would not let me photograph it on this day.

After one week of use I noticed Mermaid was “picking” less. She asked for her “special soap” at every bath session. I 100% believe that after 2 weeks of use, the Liquid Gold added hydration to her skin and lessened the agigation to a certain extent. Her hand seemed far less of a worry to her and to me, that’s improvement. The lighting in the first photo is not that great but you also tell that a very prominent red, raw spot is cleared up.

Day 14: 5/27/15

2015-05-27 20.10.33~2

Unfortunately, and related to the product in no way, shape or form, Mermaid developed a new line of nevus down her arm during this time.

Where we may not have found the miracle for an incurable disease (darn it), we did find a quality product I would reccommend to anyone looking for something new to help hydrate. We will keep a bar as a staple as Mommy became a fan herself.

To check out more products by this company or give the Liquid Gold a test run, visit their website at

I will archive these results on my “Got any secret solution’s?” page so we can look back at everything tried.

Next up on our list is Amlactin ultra – given to us by Mermaid’s dermatologist.

Be watching for results!

Thanks for walking with us today,

Mermaid’s Mommy

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