Got any secret solutions?

I realize that my daughters case of Epidermal nevus is mild in comparison to what it could be but it doesnt mean we dont try to find that magic cure on a daily basis! One of our struggles is that she has eczema to boot and her skin is so absolutely sensitive. Keeping her nevus moist helps to minimize the appearance. for the first year she drank strictly goats milk to try and reduce the flares.

Below is a collection of our 2 week trials. I must say all of the following products are great and each hold their own unique qualities.

Up to this point we have used Aveeno’s oatmeal bath, Eucerin & Amlactin cream and Olive oil to keep her skin at bay but we are still searching for that miracle for all nevus owners. Ok, maybe not a miracle, but a little relief in any form would be more than welcome.

Trial #1 : 5/13/15 – 5/27/15 – Camamu’s Liquid Gold

Trial #2 : 5/28/15 – 6/11/15 – Amlactin Ultra

Trial #3 11/2/15 – 11/16/16 – WartPEEL (Med-101)

Trial #4   1/3/16 – 1/17/16 – It Works exfoliating peel

The result’s are in! In our attempt to find that miracle cure for an incurable disease we are running 2 week trials of various products and documenting results.

On an average of 4 times a week I catch Mermaid picking at her hand or asking me to get the owie off her arm and more recently has been picking and whimpering about her armpit. To reduce that by even one day would be a success for our trial.

First up is Camamu’s “Liquid Gold”

Trial #1 : 5/13/15 – 5/27/15

Camamu is a local company located here in Portland, Or and I was lucky enough to get blessings from the owner to try and share results of their product.

2015-05-12 15.35.16

Day 1 : 5/13/15

2015-05-16 13.56.11

We used the Liquid Gold every other day on our regular bath schedule. She is very protective of her hand and would not let me photograph it on this day.

After one week of use I noticed Mermaid was “picking” less. She asked for her “special soap” at every bath session. I 100% believe that after 2 weeks of use, the Liquid Gold added hydration to her skin and lessened the agigation to a certain extent. Her hand seemed far less of a worry to her and to me, that’s improvement. The lighting in the first photo is not that great but you also tell that a very prominent red, raw spot is cleared up.

Day 14: 5/27/15

2015-05-27 20.10.33~2

Unfortunately, and related to the product in no way, shape or form, Mermaid developed a new line of nevus down her arm during this time.

Where we may not have found the miracle for an incurable disease (darn it), we did find a quality product I would reccommend to anyone looking for something new to help hydrate. We will keep a bar as a staple as Mommy became a fan herself.

To check out more products by this company or give the Liquid Gold a test run, visit their website at

Next up on our menu of trials was Amlactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream.

Trial #2 : 5/28/15 – 6/11/15

We have used Amlactin in the past when Mermaid was first diagnosed, but not this specific line. We were given this product by Mermaid’s dermatologist who strongly supported it.


Below is the information provided by the product’s website.

  • The #1 moisturizer brand recommended by dermatologists for rough, dry skin1
  • Restores lost moisture and softens severely dry skin—apply twice daily for best results
  • Works to exfoliate dead skin cells—returns dry skin to its natural, healthy state and improves overall appearance
  • With rich humectants and creamy emollients—delivers the kind of smooth skin texture you’ll love
  • AmLactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream is specifically formulated for severely, persistently dry skin areas needing extra attention. With our patented ULTRAPLEX formula, this clinically proven cream gently exfoliates and intensely hydrates for long-lasting moisture and serious relief.
  • AmLactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream provides triple action alpha-hydroxy therapy. Simply put, alpha-hydroxy therapy combined with rich humectants and creamy emollients creates a cream for dry skin that not only repairs but also softens.


2015-05-27 20.10.33

Throughout our trial I noticed no change in either appearance or physical irritation. In fact, during this time the thickness of the nevus on Mermaid’s hand increased. No corolation to the product, simple coincidence, and once again, she declined to let me photograph it. However, there was also an increase in dryness beneathe her arm and slight thickening.


2015-06-15 21.18.32

It’s note worthy that the Oregon weather has been warmer than usual so it’s more difficult to hydrate at this time. If Mermaid had it her way she would be living in the pool day and night. That being said we probably wont choose to add this product to our bag of wonders because it was applied multiple times a day, difficult to remember at times and didn’t seem to mesh with Mermaid’s skin type, but that doesnt mean it wont work for you! We are all different so your skin may take to it very well.

  Because I’m a lover of all things goat and believe in sharing is caring… go visit another blog I follow and check out some of their products!

WartPEEL (Med-101)

Trial #3  11/2/15 – 11/16/15

Med-101 known under the brand name of WartPEEL is used for wart removal. Here’s where the controversy with some may come into play… it contains 5-fluorouracil and salicytic acid.

Salicytic acid; best known for it’s uses as a key ingredient in topical anti-acne products; is a type of phenolic acid and a beta hydroxy acid.

5-fluorouracil is an anti-cancer chemotherapy drug with many uses, such as basal cell cancer of the skin and actinic keratosis.

The combination of salicytic acid and 5-fluorouracil helps to prevent wart re-growth and reoccurance by means of the salicytic acids exfoliating properties and 5-fluorouracils noted antimitotic and anti-proliferative qualities.

So here is what we were working with before using the WartPEEL. Now remember, I chose the spot on her wrist because she verbalizes that it is bothersome to her. It’s difficult to tell in the picture, I should have gotten a better angle, but the crease on her wrist houses a raises patch of Nevus that causes her much angst.


Mermaid’s nevus is beginning to spread up her arm and hand but thus far is flat. This area on the wrist is much thicker than the picture gives credit. Its rough, bumpy, scaley and bothersome on many levels.

Now to see how it did…

Below are days 2 , 3 and 4 the morning after application.

2015-11-19 12.35.23

2015-11-05 12.31.47

2015-11-19 12.41.22

a different view…


The medication requires that you allow 15-20 minutes to dry prior to placing tape over it for the night. However, it also states to wash your hands immediatley if you come in contact with it and I was given direction via phone to ensure my Toddler did NOT touch the product. That being said attempting to get a 2.5 year old to stay still and allow the medication to dry without touching it is slim to none. I covered it immediately after application leading to some of the medications spreading off the direct target and causing mild irritation.

We used one of our generous gifts from Wild Carrot HERBALS called triple Tumeric Salve to help eliminate the redness and swelling in the few days following. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. It offers incredible anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. It is also known for making skin tags, moles, and unwanted skin growths to fall off or disappear.

2015-11-19 12.38.09

Embrace the color, it will be with you for a while but learned it truly IS an amazing product!

In the end, nearly 2 weeks after we started this adventure we are both THANKFUL and HAPPY to show you that Mermaid’s Nevus is no longer present on her wrist.

2015-11-19 18.40.50

In comparison from day 1 to now…


Allow me to answer any questions I feel might arise… Yes, the redness will continue to subside. No, it will not scar. We will not be using the medication again until it returns and creates problems.

What the pictures cannot show you, is that Mermaid’s wrist is now smooth. No more callus like lesions.

It Works exfoliating peel

Trial #4   1/3/16 – 1/17/16

Well, our 2 weeks is up and it’s time for results…

Remember we trialed the “It Works” exfoliating peel. We used this product two times a week, for two weeks, on Mermaid’s largest nevus area beneath her arm. During this time we stopped all other treatments; including lotions and soaps.


Mermaid’s disease thickens, in time it is almost inevitable that it will become warty to the point that we will not be able to manage it with home care and that’s when surgery comes into play, if she chooses, or if it effects her joints on her hands. Over time you can see below that it begins to thicken. Even with moisturizers, this will happen. My hope with the exfoliating peel was that we could flatten the thicker areas and help prevent some of her “picking” and itching. Hydration is the most important factor in lessening the itch but the thicker it becomes the more painful it becomes.

Here’s where we started….

Day 1.


and ended….

I am happy to share that yes, the exfoliating peel did just what it was suppose too.

Day 14.

2016-01-24 10.22.41

Let’s take a closer look side by side…



To be honest I took NO pictures along the way and paid little attention to the effects aside form making sure Mermaid was not having any kind of negative reaction to the product. I am so pleasantly surprised to see the side by side this morning.

Mermaid’s skin is flatter and currently, is not scaling.

I would have to deem this trial a huge success!

As a loyal customer we paid $36.00 for this product ($60 retail) which seems to be on the higher end of most products we try, with the exception of the WartPEEL ($80) but it lasts. I too, used the product all 4 times Mermaid did on a patch of eczema (wish I took pictures) and we have well over 3/4 of a bottle left. If your weighing out the cost, I expect this product to easily last us 3 months for 2 people.

I will move this trial to our permanent page so you can easily locate it if looking for something to try.

Product Highlights

  • The Exfoliating Peel uses microbeads to quicken the process of skin turn over. By rubbing these microbeads on the skin you’re helping to exfoliate and rid the body of old skin cells, allowing the new skin cells to surface faster than they would naturally.
  • These microbeads are encapsulated with aloe, a super healing nutrient for the skin. The process of exfoliation can sometimes cause irritation, but the presence of aloe helps to avoid that. Aloe is a natural anti-inflammatory. As the microbeads are rubbed around, aloe is released to sooth, calm, and hydrate the skin.
  • There are NO HARSH CHEMICALS! The contents of the Exfoliating Peel are derived from fruit and are botanically based active ingredients.
  • The peel takes it all off revealing healthier skin and a more natural healthier you!

If you are interested in purchasing or just looking at any It Works products feel free to contact a friend of mine who will guide you through the uses and any information you could ever imagine wanting.

April Backwell


or visit her website at:


8 thoughts on “Got any secret solutions?

  1. Yes Maria I have tried many things for relieving skin and body conditions. I started raising dairy & meat goats 4 years ago. The milk from my girls has been of great comfort to my skin. I look forward to sharing my experiences, and pray you may find comfort in my information.


  2. My daughter also has Linear Epidermal Nevus Syndrome. She was diagnosed between 2-3 years old and is 12 now. One thing I found by accident was that her rough patches sloughed off (or scrubbed off gently with a towel) after she’d spent all day in the water at a beach. I live near Buffalo, NY, so this wasn’t salt water – just water from the great lakes. Since then, I try to take her in the pool as often as possible over the summer. About 40 minutes is all it takes to help her skin. Her dermatologist suggested adding bleach to her bathwater (like the chlorine in the pool). I do this for her in the winter months when our pool is frozen. I am interested in hearing what you’ve tried for your daughter. What works well and what doesn’t work at all – it’s all helpful information. Thanks for sharing.


    • What a great tip Karen! Thank you so much, it’s funny you say that, I have noticed as well that after we go swimming in a chlorinated pool is seems to be softer and almost sluff off.


  3. Hi, my daughter is 2.5 years old and was diagnosed with Linear Epidermal Nevus when she was 6 months old. Her nevus first appeared at birth on her left elbow and across the knuckles on her left hand. Initially we were told it’s typical “newborn” skin, then we were told it was eczema, but when it started to spread along the left side of her body I sought out a specialized opinion. The nevus had since spread and now appears on the left side of her chest, left knee and left groin area. We visit the dermatologist regularly, and like you, are constantly trying products to find a solution to help better the appearance (as hers does not bother her…at least now). We use Lac Hydrin (via prescription) twice a day followed by cetaphil cream religiously. I’ve also found that CeraVe SA (the one with salicylic acid) works well to reduce the roughness. Although you have to be careful to avoid any areas if she has a scrape or cut, as it will sting. 😦 We were experimenting with various prescription creams and ointments that are typically used for other purposes and have been found to show improvement, but decided to stop until she was older because they caused redness, sensitivity and burning, especially when coming in contact with her “normal” skin. And try keeping a toddler still while trying to put lotion on specific areas! HA! We also have a pool and have found that when she spends a lot of time in the water, it drastically improves the appearance of her skin. Good thing she loves the water!


    • Thank you for visiting and sharing Jenna! Our little ones are the same age! It’s so tough wanting to help them and just not finding that miracle, glad we all have eachother and once again… I hear the pool tip, we all just need to have our kiddos live in the water! 🙂


  4. My daughter was just diagnosed with epidermal nevi after months of her pediatrician treating it for eczema. My daughter will be two in May and has it on her legs, armpits and neck. The pictures you show look just like my daughters skin! At the dermatologist he said this was nothing to worry about and told me for now to use Amlactin. After researching epidermal nevi google has scared me into a frenzy. I would love to know if you have found anything else that has worked or if youve done any research on this. Thanks!


    • Welcome to Mommy’s Mermaid! I am so glad you found us! If you read my first post ever written, it remains the top one at all times, you know I understand whole heartedly everything you are feeling right now. I will never forget how I felt those first few months, its a scary time. By no means am I an expert on the disease but I am pretty versed in it. I am here for anything you need, even if its just a shoulder to lean on. I have researched unimaginable anounts of information, ran many trials and we have had many tests for things connected to potential complications. To best help you find a good starting point I would want to know if the Dr. Gave you a more specific diagnosis; like ILVEN (Inflammatory Linear Epidermal Nevus) or LEN (Linear Epidermal Nevus)? Looking forward to hearing back from you!


  5. Same area. I let my daughter swim at least twice a week since toddlerhood. Chloride kills bacteria and water helps to keep moisture. After regular swimming, she no longer needs acquaphor, no itchy. She told me she felt better in water because it kept her area wet. When the area is dry it feels itchy. We let her swim year round. Now 6,she joined swim team. So keep swimming.


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