Lost in translation…

I feel like we have been consumed by the holiday season, in a good way, but off the grid for a bit. I finally got to work and made some changes to our website.

We now have a page titled “Honorary Mermaid’s” that will house stories about other people’s journeys, afterall – were all in this together! A Mommy’s Mermaid follower and fellow support group member will be featured in January. Looking forward to finally meeting in person and hearing her story.

All other pages have new and updated info so swing in and catch up!

I wanted to share a quick update after our wartPEEL trial. Mermaids nevus is still flat and smooth a month later. She is so proud of it and often shows me how her “owie is gone” – though inside I expect it will return in time, I will take all the days we get without an elevated, painful, itchy nuisance stealing her focus.

Here is a picture of before and now…


So stop in, see what’s new and we have more to come over the weekend.

Hoping this holiday season is greeting you all in good health and good spirits.

Thanks for walking with us today!

Mermaid’s Mommy

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