Do frogs give you warts?


We have an exciting product to trial and are patiently awaiting its arrival. It’s called WartPEEL; an acquaintance and Mommy’s Mermaid follower turned us onto this exciting endeavor. WartPEEL is a wart removal product that treats planter warts, foot warts, and other warts found on skin. It is a compound medication available only in certain locations in the United States and is typically a cash product running $79.00 per 5 grams (0.17 ounces).

In 1997 MedCara’s pharmacist founders experimented with a compounded treatment using chemotherapy drugs which is marketed as WartPEEL. This compound has been used by medical practitioners to treat more than 50,000 patients.

WartPEEL is available as a compounded medication exclusively from MedCara, LLC and it’s contracted pharmacy, NuCara. Dispensing of WartPEEL requires that an appropriate doctor-patient-pharmacist relationship be maintained. NuCara Pharmacy will not fill prescriptions for patients that do not have a valid patient-doctor relationship.

What does an appropriate doctor-patient-pharmacist relationship mean? This means you cannot call NuCara and simply purchase the product on your own. You must have a physician complete a prescription form and fax it directly to their compound pharmacy.

Where Mermaid’s Nevus is not a wart she does have a problematic spot on her wrist that is thickening. This is a particular spot she picks and says hurts – so whenever it arrives we will start with a small trial on that one designated area. Considering the medication contains a chemo agent and typically isnt used in patient’s this young we will be more cautious about the usage.

We got so caught up in our busy lives we forgot to share the results of our last trial, we took pictures and documented everything and then dropped the ball. Like other Amlactin products tried in the past we saw little to no improvement but I will still post the picture and information on my “Got any secret solutions?” page with the others.

 As a quick reminder we used AmLactin Moisturizing Body lotion and below is the decription from their website.


“AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion has a special formula with clinically proven 12% lactic acid that’s pH balanced for the skin. Don’t let the word “acid” concern you. Especially since lactic acid is a naturally occurring humectant for the skin with a certain affinity for water molecules to help keep skin hydrated. And the more moisture that can be retained deep within the skin, the softer and smoother your skin feels. In addition, by encouraging natural skin cell renewal through exfoliation and delivering intense hydration deep within the skin, this lotion creates a soft, smooth texture.”

Monday 8/17- Monday 8/31.

Monday 8/17/2015:


During this time I again noticed no change in Physical appearance, she continued to speak about it just as much as before. At one point Mermaid developed a skin rash which I do not believe to be corrolated with the AmLactin product in any way but added a small complication.

Ultimately we came to the same conclusion as the other AmLactin products, they work for hydration but moving forward we will opt out of trialing any other versions for the soul fact that we know the extent of their use.

Monday 8/31:2015-09-21 12.44.09

Stay tuned for results and more information on WartPeel!

Thanks for walking with us today,

Mermaid’s Mommy

2 thoughts on “Do frogs give you warts?

  1. We have had good success with Amlactin Ultra on our 3 year old with extensive LEN. (I think it is a thicker lotion than Amlactin and must be stronger?) We douse his nevus in Cetaphil Restoraderm soap in the bath and rinse it off at the end of his bath. Alternating between Amlactin Ultra and a more soothing lotion like Vanicream reduces the color and rough texture.

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    • I’m so glad to hear this Katie! I’m starting to realize that each person responds to different products in a variety of ways. We have had better success with the hydration piece with other products but it certainly does NOT take away from others success. I hear from a lot of people it’s their product of choice!


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