Nature’s Miracle


Feels like we have been out of order for a while! Our last trial ended 6/11 and I was so excited to begin the next with an eczema cream from an Oregon company named Wild Carrot Herbals. Unfortunately, Mermaid came down with a mystery rash and spent about 4 weeks fully recovering. We never did get a clear diagnosis of what it was but it cleared, so were happy! Within that time, Mermaid decided she enjoyed the eczema cream SO much, she used it in her hair, her bunny’s fur, slathered up her pillow and even shared with her pajamas! Needless to say we need to order another tub of it and moved forward with a different product.


I have spoke about the health benefits of sea salt before but not Dead sea salt specifically. So what’s the difference? Well, to start, one is better for your skillet and the other for your skin.


The Dead Sea is located between Jordan and Israel. Evaporation has shrunk the body of water over the past 10,000 years much faster than the rains can replenish it, leaving behind vast, concentrated salt deposits.

The concentration of salt in the Dead Sea is 10 times that of ocean water (29 percent as opposed to just 4 percent), making the Dead Sea salt much richer in mineral compounds, possessing high concentrations of magnesium, potassium, calcium chlorides and bromides.

It has been said that the therapuetic qualities have been sought after for thousands of years. Research has demonstrated that skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis are relieved by regular soaking in water with added Dead Sea salt.  One study[concluded that the high concentration of magnesium in Dead Sea salt was instrumental in improving skin hydration and reducing inflammation.

While shopping recently at a local market I stumbled upon this simple little gem.


A company by the name of One with Nature creates this soap and distributes it in a bulk type setting in multiple scents.

This unique soap combines pure Dead Sea salt, argan oil, shea butter and essential oils in a natural vegetable base. Triple milled* right at the source — The Dead Sea. Absolutely nothing artificial. Delightful and relaxing lavender scent. Unwrapped, with no label.

*Triple milling creates a higher quality, longer lasting bar.*

As I was focused on Mermaid’s Rash, I forgot to snap a beginning photo of our trial but we ran from 7/1-7/22 a bit longer than normal as we healed.

What I discovered over time was such a pleasant surprise. Several other trials have provided additional hydration but this product seemed to reach deeper than the surface. Aside from her Nevus being less flakey the pigment lightened as well.

Mermaid’s nevus is largest by far under her arm which is a difficult location to prevent infection. We are contantly fighting inflammation, redness and soreness as a result. I can without a doubt state that as a result of using this product Mermaid’s nevus has improved. You can note the lack of swelling and redness in this picture taken a few days ago.


I can also specifically note that Mermaid has not been saying owie or picking at her arm.

At the same time I purchased this bar I bought the shae butter one as well for a friend who’s child has severe eczema and she too noted a new found softness to his skin. These bars are ultimately the same product.

I am going to acquire another bar of this same soap, maybe a different scent to mix it up and extend our trial. As she remains guarded with her hand I want to continue our quest in this same direction and see if we can gain even better results with more time.

It’s a struggle because each day that passes her Nevus seems to spread or thicken so to look back at photos from 6 months or a year ago is no comparison. To note that most all my recent photos show inflammation and this one doesnt gives me hope.

I will post more pics and an update of this trial in a few weeks. In the meantime….

I highly encourage you to check out the companies website @ and give some of their products a whirl. Can’t hurt right!

‘Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.’

-Sophia Loren

Thanks for walking with us today,

Mermaid’s Mommy

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